EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen puts Jack in a tricky situation

Mel Owen needs Jack's help with her Ray situation, Stacey's mate Ruby may be in danger, and Tiffany lies to Whitney about what she's getting up to.

Ray overhears Carmel talking about her anti-knife campaign and his interest is piqued. When he suggests they meet up in the Vic to discuss a few ideas, Mel Owen hides her annoyance.

At the pub Carmel sits down to go through things with Ray, while Mel heads to the bar where she’s spotted Jack. Mel explains to Jack that Ray is sticking to his story about how he hurt his hand but her suspicions are aroused once again when Jack has some new information for her. Wanting to find out what Ray’s really been up to, Mel asks Jack to keep looking. She later pays Jack in cash, insisting this is a job for her, not a favour.

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Matt

Ruby Allen dances with Martin’s mate Matt.

Martin has been invited to a school reunion at E20 and asks Stacey to go along with him to the event. In an attempt to persuade her to join him, he suggests that she invites Ruby along as well. At the club, Martin introduces Stacey and Ruby to his old school mates Matt, Glenn and Ross. With the drinks flowing, the lads all flirt with Ruby, but she takes a shine to Ross. Martin and Stacey eventually decide they’re done for the night but Ruby’s enjoying partying. Ruby decides to stay as Martin and Stacey say their goodbyes and make their way home. Will she regret her decision?

Whitney is concerned about Tiffany hanging around with Jagger. She corners the teen, insisting she doesn’t meet up with him again. Tiffany realises she’s not going to get anywhere trying to talk Whitney round so she lies and claims that Jagger dumped her. Later, Tiffany sneaks out to meet up with him. What is she getting herself into?

EastEnders, featuring Mel Owen, continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.