EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen gives Phil an ultimatum

Mel is getting desperate for money and confronts Phil, Bailey is worried about her future, and Sonia and Martin try to boost Bex's confidence with a gift.

Mel does her best to impress Jack after he stays at her house for the night. But he’s no fool and he realises she’s just trying to charm him into letting her keep the house. Jack offers to have CCTV installed, instead, to make her feel safer. Mel snaps at Jack, frustrated that her plan to keep hold of the house isn’t working. Realising that she’s fast running out of options, Mel pays Phil a visit. She demands her cut of money from the money laundering. What will Phil say?

EastEnders Keegan Baker, Bailey Baker and Dinah

Keegan surprises Bailey and Dinah with lunch

Karen thinks Mitch has been avoiding his responsibilities towards Bailey. Meanwhile, Keegan asks Karen for some cash. She’s concerned about what he wants it for but he soon reassures her, revealing he’s going to surprise Dinah and Bailey with lunch. At Dinah’s, Bailey gets upset when she overhears Keegan and her mum discussing what would happen to her if Dinah is moved into a home.

EastEnders Sonia Fowler and Bex Fowler

Sonia helps Bex prepare for her Oxford exchange day

Bex has an Oxford Exchange Day and Sonia and Martin want to help her look the part to boost her confidence. Martin and Sonia rope in Kush to help out, asking him to donate a dress from his stall.

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