EastEnders: Mel plots to get rid of the Ahmed sisters!

Mel wants to get her hands on Walford East by any means possible, Stacey finally talks to a missing Jean and Karen's shocked by Mitch's suggestion.

Mel is determined to get enough cash to pay for Hunter’s solicitor and she sets her sights on Walford East. But first she needs to get rid of the Ahmed sisters… With Max now a part-owner, Mel does her best to sow seeds of doubt in Rainie’s mind about Iqra and Habiba’s ability to run the restaurant. A rattled Rainie pushes Kathy to let Mel help out.

Stacey is desperate to hear from her mum as Jean’s hospital appointment is looming. She begs Shirley to help her find her. Lily sends Jean a picture of her special themed school outfit. After getting the photo and listening to voicemails from Stacey and Lily, Jean finally answers Stacey’s call to reassure her that she’s okay.

Flooded with relief, Stacey pushes Jean for answers on her whereabouts and reminds her about the appointment. Stacey’s frustrations continue, however, as Jean won’t say where she’s staying. When the campsite owner Jerry interrupts, Jean quickly finishes the call. She breaks down when she’s on her own…

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Bailey Baker

Mitch tries to talk to his daughter Bailey

Karen has a word with Mitch and tells him he needs to step up and do more for Bailey. Mitch reluctantly realises that it’s time for him to break the news to Bailey about her mum. When Karen later promises Mitch she’ll help him out with Bailey, he’s quick to make a suggestion. Karen is stunned when Mitch suggests they he and Bailey move in with her!

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell and Phil Mitchell

Sharon is pleased that Phil’s back from Spain.

Also, Habiba flirts with Adam, Rainie’s upset when Jack returns home without Max, and Sharon is happy when Phil gets back to the Square.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30pm