EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen’s ex Ray is playing mind games!

Mel is left shaken after Ray makes a surprise move, while Sharon makes a bad call with Keanu that may well push them apart for good!

Max and Rainie leave Jack feeling miffed when they take the mickey out of him for his disastrous proposal attempt. When they leave, Jack calls Mel, wanting to sort things out. Meanwhile, Ray arranges lunch for Mel and Hunter but he’s up to tricks when he charms Jack’s address out of Honey. Armed with the information he needs, he invites Jack along to the lunch. What game is he playing?

Everyone is stunned to find out what happened at The Vic. As people start to demand answers, tensions rise and DI Arthurs turns up and makes a shock arrest. Who is being blamed for the shooting?

Sharon and Keanu are in the cafe

Keanu meets up with Sharon to talk about what’s been happening and brings up what he saw at the canal. Sharon insists that Keanu needs to forget it ever happened.

An unsure Keanu agrees to keep his mouth shut. A relieved Sharon hands him a wad of cash, insisting that Phil owes him. Keanu feels uncomfortable about taking the money and Sharon later finds the money posted back through her letterbox. Is it all over between her and Keanu?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday