EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen discovers Ray’s secret?

Mel Owen realises she can't trust Ray, Stacey makes some enquiries for Ruby, and Bernadette tries to look out for Tiffany

Ray turns on the charm and presents a thrilled Mel with an anniversary surprise. But her day takes a turn when Jack reveals that he has some news for her.

Wanting to trust Ray, Mel tells Jack that she doesn’t want to know anymore. Meanwhile, Ray watches their exchange from across the Square. At home, Ray confronts Mel, demanding to know what she and Jack were talking about. Mel’s forced to admit that she’d asked Jack for some information, prompting a row.

Later, Mel puts aside her anger towards Ray and joins him for a drink in The Vic. But when Ray gets an urgent and mysterious phone call, Mel’s suspicions are raised once again. She tells Jack she wants to know what he knows after all. Mel then puts two-and-two together and heads off to find Ray, making a shocking discovery…

EastEnders Stacey Fowler Martin Fowler

Stacey Fowler finds out Martin knows what happened to Ruby.

Stacey is concerned when Ruby won’t answer her calls. When she finds out from Martin that his mates are insisting that the sex with Ruby was consensual, she is horrified. Stacey heads to the police station to ask some advice on how to proceed. Back in the Square, Stacey finds Ruby, who is in bits and not knowing what to do. Stacey encourages Ruby to go to the clinic for a check and she can then think about whether she wants to go to the police.

EastEnders Bernadette Tiffany

Bernadette Taylor wants to help Tiffany.

Bernadette is put in an awkward position when Whitney asks her to keep an eye on Tiffany and stop her hanging around with Jagger. When Bernadette badmouths Jagger to Tiffany, she ends up pushing her away. Later, Bernadette tries to make amends but when Tiffany invites her to hang out with the gang, Bernadette is left humiliated.

Also, Billy tries to meddle in Honey’s love life.

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