Eastenders spoilers: Mick Carter is out for revenge on Stuart Highway!

Mick Carter wants Stuart to pay for his crime against Tina, Kat comes up with a plan and Jean receives a mysterious delivery.

Mick Carter is still stunned after finding out what Stuart did to Tina. He vows revenge on Stuart but Tina pleads with him that she just wants to forget all about it. Linda is forced to calm down a seething Mick, who is frustrated that he can’t make Stuart pay for what he did. She tells him that he needs to focus on Tina now and make it up to her for no believing her. When Stuart later plays the innocent and claims he’ll help Mick find out who was responsible, Mick confronts him with the truth. The men come to blows and Mick storms off. Stuart is left fuming by the encounter.

Kat is chuffed when she gets a new cleaning gig at Ian’s restaurant while also making progress on learning the Knowledge to become a black cab driver. When Hayley offers to quiz her on some routes, however, Kat feels defeated when she gets them wrong. Mo suggests that a lot of cabbies get scooters to learn the roads. Kat comes back to the Square with a scooter and asks Keanu to keep it in the Arches for her. But how has she found the cash to buy herself a bike?

Also, Kush waves off Carmel when she goes on a break. Meanwhile, Jean gets a delivery of boxes but what could they be?