EastEnders spoilers: Is Mick Carter hiding a troubling secret?

Mick's actions don't add up for Linda, Tiffany is under pressure from Evie, and Rainie is more unwell than she's admitting.

Mick Carter is all set to go out with Mitch to coach the football team when Linda insists he stay home, as she needs his help. Although snappy with Linda at first, Mick feels bad about leaving Linda in the lurch and he tells Mitch he can’t go.

Linda is later taken aback when Mick snaps at her and she is stunned when she finds him in a state. What is up with Mick?

Tiffany is under big pressure from Evie to get her what she wants. But will she be able to get over her panic to go through with a threatening Evie’s demands?

EastEnders Rainie Branning and Max Branning

Max is concerned about Rainie in EastEnders

Meanwhile, Rainie is touched that Max is worried about her recent health concerns. But when he still won’t trust her to look after baby Abi, Rainie hides how unwell she really is. What is up with her?

EastEnders Dot Branning and Doctor Legg

Dr Legg tells Dot that Stuart is really really bad news – will she listen to him?

Also, Dr Legg finally manages to tell Dot that Stuart stole the photo of his wife. Can Dot bring herself to believe him and take his word against Stuart’s?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday