EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell finds out he’s being lied to!

Phil clocks that Dennis is keeping secrets, Jean puts Hayley's baby secret in danger, and Billy's dishy dentist Adam turns up in the Square!

Phil Mitchell is trying to make more of an effort with Dennis and he takes him out for the day. But a panicky Dennis spots the gang and hurries straight back home. Not knowing why Dennis has freaked out, Phil is confused. Meanwhile, Sharon approaches Keanu and thanks him for helping out with Dennis. She’s keen that Phil doesn’t know what went down.

Phil is angry with Keanu

Phil, has realised that Sharon is keeping something from him. When he gets nowhere questioning Keanu, he turns to Karen. He’s fuming after she lets slip a few details, returning Dennis’ mended jacket. Phil storms home followed by a concerned Keanu. When a worried Sharon reveals that she didn’t want him kicking off, he kicks off even more and fires Keanu! Concerned for Sharon, Keanu defends her. Will Keanu’s words push Phil over the edge?

Stacey catches Jean

Jean can’t resist buying a babygrow from the market for a pregnant Hayley. When Hayley sees it she’s horrified and tells Jean to return it before anyone finds out. Stacey catches Jean with the babygrow and is suspicious. Jean tries to cover, saying it’s for Kim. Hayley soon realises that Stacey’s not buying Jean’s story and she tells Jean to ask Kim to go along with it. But it seems that Hayley’s baby secret isn’t going to be a secret for much longer…

Billy talks to Honey and Kim about their supposed night out together but when both women look jumpy, he knows that something doesn’t add up. Later, Honey’s date Adam turns up in Albert Square to visit his former foster parents Mariam and Arshad. When he bumps into Honey with Billy it’s awkward! Billy picks up on the atmosphere and questions Honey. Will she break Billy’s heart and admit that she went out on a date?

EastEnders continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm.