Rainie is desperate for Max to notice her but it’s all to no avail as Max continues to push her aside. Made miserable by the rejection, Rainie goes back to her old ways and meets up with a dealer to buy drugs.

Phil sees Rainie with a dodgy looking bloke and knows immediately what’s going down. He steps in and sends the dealer on his way, telling Rainie he’s there for her if she needs to talk. After the pair have a heart-to-heart, Phil heads over to see Max and he tells him what Rainie was about to do. Realising that he’s been too hard on her, Max apologises to Rainie and invites her back home.

EastEnders Stuart Linda Carter

Stuart is menacing when Linda confronts him in the barrel store.

Halfway arrives at The Vic with a video from Stuart apologising for his actions and saying he made a mistake with Fred. Stuart reveals that he’s stopped predator hunting and explains why he did what he did. The Carters are stunned that Mick already knows much of what Stuart is explaining and Halfway feels stung. Mick and Stuart make amends, much to Linda’s disapproval, as they get drunk. Later, when Stuart helps Linda in the barrel store, Linda suggests he should leave and Stuart is menacing…

Martin is getting mightily fed up with the chaos of living with a houseful of Slaters and he’s frustrated that he’s got no privacy. Meanwhlie, Ian has a set to with Masood over the state of the food van and steps in to help him get it ready.

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