EastEnders Spoilers: Will Phil Mitchell tell Kim Hubbard the truth about her husband?

Kim Hubbard approaches Phil for answers about Vincent, Billy tries to win back Honey - again - and a frankly terrifying Rainie scares Robbie!

Kim meets up with Phil, wanting to get some answers about why Vincent left her and Pearl. Phil tries to suggest to Kim that Vincent might have had no choice about leaving without saying goodbye. Kim is suspicious about why Phil is being nice to her all of a sudden as he’s not known for his compassion! Realising that she’s never going to find out what happened to her husband, she decides that it’s just her and Pearl now.

Billy has arranged a romantic picnic in his bid to win round Honey. He’s left waiting on her outside the flat, however, as she fails to turn up. Honey has been delayed and by the time she arrives he’s gone. Inside, Billy lays out the picnic, decorating the room with fairy lights and candles… Has his romantic gesture worked?

Robbie is horrified when Rainie starts flirting with him and suggests there are ‘other’ ways for him to get his commission! Robbie makes it quite clear he only wants the cash… Phil spots that Robbie’s working at the car lot and asks him for a favour.

Also, Sonia gets all soppy about Martin and when he falls asleep on the sofa she secretly kisses him…