EastEnders spoilers: Rainie Branning is abandoned by Max!

Rainie struggles to hold on to Max, Mick and Mitch arrange a football match, and Dr Legg makes a welcome discovery about his parents' grave.

Rainie is loving the fact that Max is caring for her after her recent health scare. She reassures him that she’s on the mend to set his mind at rest.

But her reassurances backfire when Max leaves her all alone with baby Abi while he heads off to play football. Rainie is gutted to lose his attention yet again. Can she find a way to get him to stay?

EastEnders Mick Carter and the kids football team

Mick and Mitch attempt to arrange a football match for the kids

Mick does his best to boost the team’s morale as the minibus is still missing. Mitch warns Mick to manage the team’s expectations, as they’ve got no hope of winning a match.

Linda is encouraging as Mick starts training the kids. Billy puts Will forward to join the team. After finding out that the minibus is not going to arrive after all, Mick enlists the other residents to help him host a match in the Square. But with one of the mums, Megan, criticising his approach, will he give up the whole idea?

EastEnders Dr Legg Dot Branning and the Rabbi

Doctor Legg and Dot learn some good news from the Rabbi

Dr Legg finds out from the Rabbi that his parents’ grave has been restored. Although he’s doubtful that it will help, he agrees to meet the people responsible for damaging the grave to listen to their apology.

Also, Louise and Keanu grow closer…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday.