EastEnders spoilers: Rainie makes a move on a random guy!

Rainie drowns her sorrows after being abandoned by Max, Iqra is concerned about cash flow and Bernadette has a disastrous date.

Rainie is furious when she finds out that Max left Iqra and Habiba in charge but is Iqra making it up? Feeling ostracised by Max, Rainie gets drunk in the Vic and finds a guy to flirt with.

Habiba is confident that she and Iqra can make a go of things at Walford East, shooting down Iqra’s niggling doubts that they’re not doing the right thing.

When Iqra wonders if they should call home Habiba warns her not to. But why are the sisters so reluctant to contact their parents? Iqra’s annoyed when Habiba asks Ruby to help them out with a promotional event. When Iqra sees the pair shaking hands on the deal, she worries to Habiba that they won’t be able to afford to pay her. Habiba, however, insists that she’s got enough cash. But where did it come from?

EastEnders Bernadette Taylor and Habiba Ahmed

Bernadette thinks Habiba is her date

Tiffany helps Bernadette prepare for her big date, Thinks go cringingly awry, however, when Bernadette thinks Habiba is her date! Although Habiba is unconcerned about the mistake, Bernadette is mortified and things go from bad to worse for Bernadette…

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Bailey

Bailey is going to help Mitch with Karen

Also, Stacey tries to find a job for Ruby. Mitch and Bailey plan a surprise for Karen to take her mind off Keanu.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday 25 February at 8.00 pm