EastEnders spoilers: Rainie lures in an unsuspecting Stuart

Rainie opens up to Stuart to win his confidence, Billy defends Honey to a mean Habiba, and Karen gives Keegan a wake up call over his attitude.

Jack demands an explanation from Rainie after finding her holding an alcoholic drink. Rainie desperately insists that she didn’t take a sip from it.

Jack demands that Rainie go to an NA meeting or he’s kicking her out of the house. At the meeting, Rainie finds Stuart, who listens as Rainie opens up about her problems. Still suspicious of Stuart, she makes a play to get closer to Stuart by taking him into her confidence.

Habiba is irritated when Honey tries to impress her in front of Adam. At The Vic, Habiba rants to Iqra about what happened and she’s harsh about Honey. Billy overhears Habiba being nasty about Honey and he’s quick to wade in to defend her.

EastEnders Keegan Baker and Bailey Baker

Keegan sees what Bailey has to deal with

Karen has had enough of Keegan’s bad attitude. Wanting to stop him feeling sorry for himself, she takes him over to Bailey’s house to show him just what poor little Bailey has to deal with. Keegan is stunned when he realises what Bailey is having to cope with and it gives him the kick that he needs.

EastEnders Kat Moon Stacey Fowler and Martin Fowler

Stacey and the Slater family desperately try to get Jean out of the caravan.

Also, Lily comes up with an idea to lure Jean out of the caravan. Billy’s not convinced that Jay is as over Ruby as he claims.

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