EastEnders spoilers: Rainie makes a shock discovery about Max!

Rainie is horrified when a secret is revealed about Max, Louise turns to Bex for support, and Dinah worries about how Bailey is holding up.

Ruby is worried about Jay getting involved with Ben. To make sure he’s stays on track, she reminds him that he’s got an appointment with a financial advisor. Ruby also makes it clear that Jay should be wary about any offer Ben might make him. Ben sees the couple talking and realises that Ruby could be the fly in the ointment in his plan. He uses Lexi in a bid to get to Jay. But will his plan work?

Meanwhile, Max tries to make things up to Rainie, who is still angry with him for the way he’s treated her. His tactics appear to be working but things are about to be turned upside down when Ben and Jay arrive with a bombshell. Rainie is stunned as Jay reveals that the original documents Max signed to take over the car lot were not legal. The car lot isn’t his…

EastEnders Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell

Bex and Louise talk about Keanu

Louise is upset after her revelation about Keanu and she turns to Bex for support. But what has Louise discovered and how much will it rock her world?

Karen is desperate to support Bailey and Dinah as much as she can. She offers her help but it’s clear that Dinah is struggling to deal with the toll that her illness is taking on her daughter. Will Dinah ask for more help?

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