EastEnders spoilers: Ray Kelly leaves Hunter feeling VERY nervous!

Hunter suspects bringing Ray to the Square was a bad idea, Carmel clashes with Keegan over Sophie, and Sharon and Keanu are on edge.

Hunter is chuffed to have Ray Kelly in the Square and offers to give him a tour of Walford. But Hunter is soon left wondering whether he should have invited Ray to visit after all, when he finds out he’s got a burner phone. After Hunter confronts him, Ray insists that there’s nothing dodgy going on, he just needed the phone to tie up a few loose ends. Hunter is unsure but reluctantly agrees not to tell Mel about the phone. When Ray bails on him, he feels guilty about lying to his mum. Is Ray hiding something from Hunter and Mel?

Carmel and Keegan argue about Sophie.

Carmel tells Sophie she wants nothing to do with her and refuses to engage in a conversation. Later, she finds Keegan furiously confronting Sophie in the Square. As Keegan verbally lays into Sophie, Carmel feels obliged to step in and calm him down. Keegan can’t believe that Carmel isn’t as angry as he is. Carmel forces Keegan to go inside to talk but things start to get heated…

Sharon and Keanu are still feeling very nervous about their kiss the previous day, as they’re sure that someone saw them getting intimate. The pair of them are both jumpy but they haven’t got a clue who was in The Arches. Who could it have been?

Also, tensions at The Vic reach breaking point. As accusations start to fly, one person heads to the police station in a bid to put things right…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday