EastEnders spoilers: What does Ray Kelly know about Jack Branning?

Ray Kelly makes sure that Jack backs off from Mel, Sharon fears for Keanu's life and Tiffany is reeled in by Jagger's smooth moves.

Jack watches Mel talking to Ray Kelly in the café and he’s concerned when he sees that he has an injured hand. Ray and Jack are soon clashing but when Ray offers Jack an olive branch, Jack reluctantly agrees to call a truce. Still suspicious about his injury, Jack has a word with Mel.

She gets wound up that he’s digging around making accusations. When Jack finally confronts Ray, he turns on the charm and Mel’s left even more annoyed with Jack. Later, Ray visits Jack and tells him to back off, hinting that he’s got some dirt on him. Jack struggles to keep his anger in check but he knows that Ray has got him…

Sharon bumps into Keanu on his way to a job interview. Now that things have turned sour between them, Keanu offers to drop Phil’s car keys back. Later, Sharon finds out that there’s been a car accident around the same area that Keanu was going for the interview. She’s frantic that he’s not answering her calls – and Karen can’t find him either… Is Keanu okay?

EastEndes Tiffany Butcher Jagger

Tiffany Butcher and Jagger share a kiss

Tiffany wheedles her way into getting Whitney to let her have a night out and she asks Bernadette to cover for her. Tiffany heads off for a secret date with Jagger. When Jagger takes her to Walford East, she is completely smitten. He also gives her a beautiful necklace and makes their relationship official. But what is he really planning?

Also, Linda snaps at Tina when she offers her support and she makes a mystery phone call.

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