EastEnders spoilers: A brave Ruby Allen reports her rape to the police

Ruby Allen is grateful for Stacey's support as she goes to the police, Jean makes a shocking discovery, and Sheanu are given an ultimatum!

Ruby is refusing to report her rape to the police and she tells Stacey she just wants to forget about it and move on. She ends up going to the E20 to face her demons over the night and helps Billy with a few things. Stacey turns up and realises how much Ruby is struggling. They have a heart-to-heart and Stacey talks about her own past. After being reassured by Stacey, Ruby finally goes to the police station.

Hayley and baby Harley.

Hayley Slater bonds with baby Harley

Hayley visits Mariam and enjoys spending some time with baby Harley. Her confidence is boosted but when Mariam starts talking about when she fostered a baby with foetal alcohol syndrome, it rattles her and she leaves. Jean tries to reassure Hayley when she reveals her guilt at drinking while pregnant. When Hayley talks about drinking when she was in Spain, Jean has a light bulb moment… Has she worked out who Hayley’s babyfather is?

Sharon and Keanu are completely paranoid about the mystery texts and they’re desperate to work out who knows their secret. Later on they both receive messages and are given an ultimatum. Is it about to be game over for the illicit pair?

Dot confides in Jack.

Dot Branning confides in Jack Branning.

Also, Jack has a heart-to-heart with Dot when he realises she’s worried about something. Meanwhile, Sonia comes up with an idea to celebrate Robbie’s birthday.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday