EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen comes face-to-face with her attackers

Ruby struggles when the rape case is the talk of the pub, Martin is in big trouble with Stacey for betraying her and Ruby, and a struggling Kat causes a scene.

The rape case is the talk of the pub now it’s been on the front page of the Gazette. The regulars all weigh in with their own opinion on the case, not knowing that the victim is Ruby Allen. It kicks off a discussion about consent and Ruby is left mortified.

EastEnders Stacey Fowler Martin Fowler

Stacey Fowler stands up to Matt in front of husband Martin.

Stacey tries to protect Ruby but when she sees Martin having a drink with Matt and Ross she goes ballistic! As things kick off it soon becomes obvious to everyone that Matt and Ross are the accused men in the article and the pair make a quick exit. When Glenn then turns up to protest his friends’ innocence, Ruby snaps, confronting Glenn in front of everyone. The regulars are stunned to realise that she is the rape victim in the case…

EastEnders Kat Moon

Kat is still struggling to come to terms with what Maurice told her.

Kat is still struggling to deal with Maurice’s revelation and turns to her usual coping mechanism of getting drunk and disorderly. Her family are increasingly concerned by her behaviour as she ends up causing a huge scene in the pub.

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