EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen helps Stacey face her demons

Ruby takes Stacey to Archie's grave before returning to court, Phil makes a surprising suggestion to Keanu, and Jean and Shirley face their fears.

Ruby can’t forget Stacey’s words about not having closure over Archie. She comes up with an idea to help Stacey out, taking Stacey to Archie’s grave. Despite feeling shaken as she arrives at the grave of her attacker, Stacey manages to say her piece to the dead Archie, leaving her feeling relieved. Ruby is left thoughtful after Stacey lays her demons to rest, realising that she needs to do the same.

EastEnders Matt Clarkson

Matt breaks down during Ruby’s court case.

Determined to see it through, Ruby asks Stacey to go with her to hear Matt and Ross’s testimonies. Ruby’s pleased when they arrive at court to see Jay has turned up as well. They arrive in time to see Matt take the stand but he soon buckles under the pressure. Will the case swing in Ruby’s favour?

EastEnders Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

Phil gives advice to Keanu

Louise is frustrated, as she doesn’t know where she stands with Keanu. He’s in a state as he’s not sure what to tell Louise, caught between his real feelings and under pressure from Phil. When he asks Phil’s advice over the situation he’s surprised by Phil’s answer. Meanwhile, Phil wants to get Ben, Lola and Lexi back in the Mitchell household. Kathy is crushed when Lola agrees they’ll all be staying at Phil’s.

Also, Jack is worried about Tiff’s state of mind, Jean and Shirley prepare to face their fears, and Lola hatches a plan to help a miserable Billy with Honey.

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