EastEnders Spoilers: Ruby Allen wants Phil to do a job for her

Ruby takes desperate measures to get what she wants, Stuart sets his sights on Bex and Mitch turns to crime to provide for Bailey.

Ruby is feeling miserable following Jay’s rejection. When she explains to best mate Stacey what went on, Stacey feels sorry for her friend. After Stacey tells her all about Jay’s troubled past Ruby is given hope.

Stacey encourages her not to give up. Ruby sees Jay, who is on his way to visit Phil. Catching up with Jay, she overhears Phil giving Jay some hurtful advice. Ruby’s day gets worse when she struggles during a meeting with her Independent Sexual Violence Adviser.

Ruby then makes a startling admission, alarming Stacey. Taking matters into her own hands, Stacey asks Martin to talk to Jay about Ruby. Later, Ruby heads to the Arches, offering Phil big money for a big favour. Will Phil agree?

EastEnders Bex Fowler and Stuart Highway

Stuart gives Bex some advice.

Bex is feeling under pressure from her family after a practice exam, lying about how it went. Feeling down about her studies, Bex confides in Louise but is angry by Louise’s lack of interest. As a fed up Bex storms off, she’s spotted by Stuart, who realises she’s upset and goes to check on her. Bex confesses her worries to Stuart and they have a heart-to-heart.

Seeing an upset Bex with Stuart, Kush puts two and two together and assumes that Stuart has done or said something. A worried Kush tells Martin, who storms over to threaten Stuart. Will he find out the truth before he wades in all guns blazing?

EastEnders Mitch Baker

Mitch steals a record from Patrick’s collection.

Mitch is under money pressures, as Bailey needs new football boots. At a loose end, Mitch agrees to help out Denise but he’s horrified when he discovers he’s missed out on a paying job. Not knowing how to raise the cash for Bailey, Mitch steals one of Patrick’s rare records…

Also, Mel and Sharon bicker over repairs to the E20.

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