EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen has a horrifying revelation for Stacey Fowler!

Ruby Allen confesses to Stacey Fowler that her fun night out at the club ended with an attack, while Martin Fowler is told a different story...

Ruby Allen visits Stacey the morning after their big night out clubbing, while Martin goes for a hang over breakfast with his old school mates Ross, Matt and Glenn.

Ruby and Stacey head out into the Square but Ruby wants to go via the chemist and Stacey overhears her asking for the morning after pill. It’s soon clear that something isn’t quite right and it’s not just that she’s suffering from last night’s drinking session…

Stacey encourages Ruby to go back home with her and she tries to find out what happened. She confesses that she slept with Ross and then she passed out. When she woke up, she found Matt on top of her. A shaky Ruby blames herself for being drunk but Stacey is horrified. Comforting her upset friend, Stacey insists that she did nothing wrong – she was raped…

EastEnders Martin Fowler Ross Matt Glenn

Martin talks with his friends about last night and questions them about what happened with Ruby Allen

Meanwhile, Martin is chatting with his mates and he’s taken aback when they claim that Ruby slept with both Ross and Matt. Sensing that something is off, Martin questions what went on but he believes his mates when they insist that it was consensual.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday