EastEnders spoilers: Sean Slater makes a desperate phone call!

Sean is desperate to save his mum Jean from grave danger, and Billy's future is in the balance as Honey makes a big decision.

Sean is frantic following Jean’s collapse at the farmhouse after badly cutting herself. After leaving her alone to get help, he finally manages to find a spot near their remote countryside getaway where he can get a phone signal.

Once he’s made the emergency call to get an ambulance, Sean rings Stacey and insists she get to him and Jean as soon as possible. Stacey realises that things are serious and she heads off to find them. What will she discover when she arrives? Will the ambulance get the the farmhouse in time to save Jean?

EastEnders Billy Mitchell

The drinks are flowing as Billy makes the most of his 60th birthday party.

Billy is getting to the swing of things at his 60th birthday party. Meanwhile, Honey has a talk with William and Janet about their future and she makes a decision about who they should live with.

Has Honey decided to move in with Adam or stay living with Billy after all? After a few too many celebratory drinks, Billy is looking very tipsy and a concerned Jay tells Billy to get some fresh air. But will he see something he shouldn’t?

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