EastEnders Spoilers: Sonia Fowler fights Stacey for Martin!

Martin Fowler’s ex-wives Stacey and Sonia both want him back, Ian throws Kathy a big birthday party and Phil finally confronts Max.

Ian has almost forgotten Kathy’s birthday so he hurriedly arranges a surprise party for her with Masood’s help.  Bex gives Sonia a makeover for Kathy’s  party and plays cupid, suggesting Martin take Sonia to the party as a thank you. When they arrive at the café, Sonia is delighted to have Martin to herself. When Stacey arrives, however, Martin’s attention is quickly diverted. A jealous Sonia hatches a plan to get her out of the way. When Stacey realises what Sonia is up to, she lays into her. Kat and Mo join in the shouting. Will Martin intervene?

Masood is left fuming when Ian leaves him to arrange Kathy’s party all on his own, while Ian goes off to meet the business investor. Masood is sick to death of being left out of the business negotiations. With Ian out of the way, Masood decides to get his own back on Ian for leaving him out.

Robbie has had instructions from Phil to help him out over Max, so he sneaks into the car lot to do some snooping, Max, however, interrupts. Will Robbie get what Phil wants? Later, Max panics when he learns that the social worker has moved the appointment to that day. Will he and Rainie be able to convince the social worker that they’re the perfect couple? Back at the car lot, Max walks into the cabin to find Phil holding a fistful of Maximum Motors paperwork…