EastEnders spoilers: Sonia Fowler makes a desperate plea

Sonia Fowler makes a desperate call to her daughter's dad Martin Fowler, Ben Mitchell is in big trouble and Mel Owen continues her blackmail.

Sonia Fowler has phoned the emergency services after finding an unconscious Bex Fowler in bed. Horrified about her friend, Louise Mitchell watches as Bex is taken away in an ambulance. Louise’s mum Lisa Fowler is wracked with guilt for not doing more, having suspected that Bex was in a bad place.

When Dot Branning’s granddaughter Dotty Cotton mentions that pills were found in Bex’s room, Louise is shocked. Much to her family’s relief, Bex comes round in hospital. Meanwhile, Stuart Highway finds Bex’s note but unable to think her daughter could do such a thing, Sonia insists that the overdose was an accident. Later Sonia breaks down on Stuart, confessing she feels to blame for Bex trying to end things.

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Sonia tries to call Bex’s dad Martin Fowler to tell him the news but Martin won’t answer her calls. Martin’s best mate Kush Kazemi is insistent that Martin needs to know about Bex even though the Slaters remind him that it’s not safe for Martin in Walford.

Ben Mitchell’s dodgy dealings come back to bite him when two brothers, Jags and Kheerat Panesar turn up and threaten him. Ben stole Kheerat’s car and Kheerat wants pay back!

Also, Sharon Mitchell is desperate when Mel Owen won’t back down over her blackmail demands. Linda Carter makes progress with the school mums. Daniel Cook surprises Jean Slater with a confession.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm