Stacey has a big dinner for the family in order to break the shock news that they’ll have to find somewhere else to live! Kat realises that Stacey and Martin are plotting to make a big announcement. When Martin pressures Stacey to say what she needs to, Kat gets in first and announces it looks like they’re all being thrown out! Can Stacey really make her family homeless?

EastEnders - Rainie Branning Cora Cross

Rainie agrees to take money from Cora but will she really betray Max?

Rainie has had a row with Max and the morning after she tries to talk to him about Cora. Max, however, makes it clear he’s not in the mood to talk things through and Rainie is left upset and frustrated. Angry with Max’s attitude, Rainie asks Cora more about her surprise offer. But when Cora slips up and implies that all Rainie ever wants is to get her hands on cash, Rainie is hurt. Realising winning round Rainie is a lost cause, Cora gives up the fight. Then Rainie makes a turnaround and she asks Cora for a cheque… Is she really going to betray Max?

EastEnders - Tina Carter Stuart

Tina shares a drink with Stuart at the Eighties Night but is she making a mistake?

Tina wants to go to the Eighties Night at the club but no one else in interested – except Stuart. Tina encourages Stuart to go along with her but the night takes a turn for the worse… Is Tina in trouble?

Also, Masood has a business proposition for Mel.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 13 July at 8.00pm