EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Fowler thinks she’s found out Hayley’s babydaddy!

Stacey jumps to conclusions about Hayley's pregnancy, Sharon and Keanu get flirty, and Billy takes a petty swipe at Honey's new love interest.

Stacey Fowler is stunned after discovering that Hayley is pregnant. Worried for Hayley, Jean begs Stacey to keep her secret under wraps. After the pair discuss Hayley’s mystery baby daddy, Stacey panics it could be Martin!

Stacey grills Kush

She heads over to see Kush and questions him about Martin and Hayley but Kush can’t give her any answers. Stacey confronts Hayley, who insists that Martin isn’t the dad. Can Stacey push Hayley into a confession?

Sharon and Phil are at odds following the revelations but Sharon puts a brave face on things in front of Dennis. Sharon tells Phil that they need to sort things out between them but Phil won’t talk to her. Offering to get the keys from Keanu, Sharon says they need to talk when she gets back. When she finds Keanu, however, it’s clear there’s a spark between them. After Karen interrupts, Sharon heads to the Vic and confides in Linda that she’s been getting flirty with a younger man. Keanu invites Sharon for a drink. What will Sharon do?

William is ill

Billy is trying to play it cool but he almost cracks when Honey asks him to mind the kids so she can go on another date with Adam. Billy gives the kids loads of sweets, causing Will to throw up. Honey is furious, especially when Billy makes a confession…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday