EastEnders spoilers: Will Stacey Fowler help Jean track down Sean?

Jean puts Stacey in an awkward position over Sean, Chantelle makes an effort to get Gray to bond with Mitch, Habiba learns some worrying news.

Stacey is delighted when Jean reveals that she wants to move back home and she welcomes her mum into the house. When Jean tells Stacey that she needs help contacting Sean, however, Stacey is frustrated.

Stacey claims that she tried to contact him but the number she has for him didn’t go through. Later, however, she cracks and confesses that she lied to Jean about not being able to get hold of Sean, as she just wanted to protect her.

Jean is furious with Stacey and storms out of the house. When she bumps into Habiba she borrows her phone, calling Sean and leaving him a message.

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Gray Atkins

Mitch and Gray bond over their love of Spurs.

Gray and Mitch struggle to see eye-to-eye, frustrating Chantelle. Just wanting some peace between her hubby and her dad, she plots to help them resolve their differences with a bit of mutual bonding.

EastEnders Adam Habiba Ahmed Iqra Ahmed

Adam speaks to Habiba and Iqra

Adam checks his annoyance when Janet makes a mess of his clothes and he heads to the market stalls to find a shirt. After bumping into Habiba, she asks him not to tell her grandparents that she and Iqra are still staying in their house. It’s bad news for Habiba, however, when Adam reveals that the Ahmeds have decided to return home early. What will the sisters do?

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