EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Fowler discovers Jean’s big secret!

Stacey makes a discovery as Jean tries to hide a secret, Kim goes into labour in the Minute Mart and Louise makes a mistake over Keanu.

It’s the day of the carol concert, and it’s Arthur’s birthday and Jean is determined to plan the perfect day. But Hayley and Alfie’s baby secret has got her rattled and it’s tearing her nerves to shreds.

Stacey is worried about a distracted Jean when there’s an incident with the birthday cake. Confronting her mum, she tries to find out if Jean is slipping into manic behaviour.

Jean doesn’t take Stacey’s questioning well and when Hayley hears the commotion she panics that Jean will let her secret slip. Quickly interrupting their conversation, she drops Jean in it by revealing that Jean and Ian are an item! Stacey is gobsmacked and she goes off the deep end but when she realises that Jean really likes him she bites her tongue. Meanwhile, Alfie continues with his attempt to win Kat round, presenting her with her wedding ring. Can Kat trust him enough to take it?

EastEnders Kim Fox-Hubbard with Phil Mitchell in the storeroom

Kim and Phil get locked in the storeroom

Phil pops into the Minute Mart but finds himself in an unexpectedly tricky situation when he and a heavily pregnant Kim get locked in the storeroom. Phil is horrified when things get even worse as Kim goes into labour! Forced to help deliver the baby, Phil manages to get out of the storeroom and an ambulance is called.

Meanwhile, Denise is looking for her sister, concerned when she misses the start of the carol concert. When she arrives at the Minute Mart to see the paramedics she’s thrown into panic. Are Kim and the baby okay?

EastEnders Keanu Taylor with Louise Mitchell

Louise gets the wrong end of the stick with Keanu.

Keanu is excited when he thinks that Sharon is returning home and he goes out to buy her a Christmas present. But he’s left disappointed to realise he’s got things mixed up, as Sharon’s still abroad. When Louise sees him with the present, she assumes the gift is for her and she’s touched…

Also, Linda is concerned when she sees Mick talking to Phil and she makes a worrying discovery.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Christmas Day