Stuart Highway is discharged from hospital and he’s feeling chipper. Zara, however, is not happy with her dad and accuses him of being consumed with hatred for the Carter family.

Panicking that Zara is distancing herself from him, Stuart goes to the Vic with her to give the Carters an ultimatum. But will it help Mick out? Back at his flat, he insists to his daughter that he’s a changed man. But will she believe him?

Meanwhile, Linda visits Mick in prison and he warns her about the mysterious woman who visited him. Fraser continues to torment Mick and he gives him a stark warning…

Bex and Sonia argue

EastEnders spoilers: Bex and Sonia argue

Sonia is still determined to keep Bex’s education on track and she looks into private tutoring. Realising it’s going to set her back by quite a lot, she puts her car up for sale. When Bex gets home to find her head of sixth form sitting with Sonia, she is shocked. As the topic of university is brought up, all Bex’s grief over Shakil comes flooding out and she breaks down.

Sharon and Keanu get over their wobble and talk things through. Keanu, however, insists that he wants to sort out work on his own. When he tries to earn a bit of cash by cleaning Charlie’s cab, he comes to blows with Kat. Having run out of options, Keanu decides to accept borrowing Phil’s car from Sharon after all.

Also, Hunter is avoiding Ray but will Ray be able to make amends for letting him down?

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