EastEnders spoilers: There’s a new shock in store for Ted Murray!

Ted is dealt another surprise with Joyce's latest letter, Tiffany flirts with danger and Kathy and Masood get very close.

Ted ignores the latest letter he’s found from Joyce and instead concentrates on setting up a chess match for Bernadette. Still lacking confidence, Bernadette is terrified her opponent Karl will thrash her.

After Bernadette gets off to a shaky start, Ted and Tiff give her a pep talk. It encourages her to come back fighting and she wins. Ted is delighted and when he gets chest pains he dismisses it as heartburn… Is it something more serious? Later, Bernadette encourages Ted to read Joyce’s letter. Ted is shocked… It contains tickets to Australia!

Tiffany hands out flyers.

Tiff wants some work and Hunter manipulates Ian into getting her a job handing out leaflets for his new venture with Masood. While she’s out in the Square, she catches the eye of gang member Jagger. Bernadette is in a state and when Tiff sees her she cries off her duties, leaving Ian in the lurch.

Ian interrupts Masood and Kathy

With the launch of Walford East already looking shaky, Tiff’s desertion sends Ian over the edge. But there could be even more trouble in store for Ian as Masood and Kathy move in for a kiss! Has Ian seen them?

Also, Jay encourages Billy not to give up on Honey, despite Honey making it clear she’s no interest in a reunion. Kush drinks alone, still struggling with his grief over Shakil.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday