EastEnders spoilers: Will Tiffany and Bernadette get arrested?

Tiffany gets Bernadette mixed up in a drugs drop, Jack puts in a good word for Rainie with Max and Mick offers an olive branch to Bailey.

Bernadette is left horrified when she realises that she may have got Tiffany into big trouble with Evie. She tries to make things better but she’s left shaken by a threatening Evie. Meanwhile, Tiffany is doing the job with Rat and when Bernadette turns up to warn her that Evie is on the warpath, Tiff is outraged that she’s interfered.

As the girls argue, Rat nicks the drugs from Tiff’s bag. They’re on the tube train and Bernadette begs Tiff not to go through with the drug deal. But things are about to get a whole lot worse as the transport police hold up the train and get into the carriage. Tiff panics to find the drugs missing, while the police search Bernadette. Will the girls get arrested?

EastEnders Jack Branning with Rainie Branning

Rainie throws Abi’s present away in front of Jack.

Jack feels sorry for Rainie after Max’s outburst and he tries to convince his brother to give Rainie the benefit of the doubt. When a despondent Rainie throws away the gift she has for Abi, Jack rescues it from the bin. Touched to see the present, a photo album of pictures of Abi’s mum, Jack shows it to Max. Moved by the photos, Max agrees to let Rainie tend to Abi.

EastEnders Bailey

An upset Bailey sits in the Square

Mitch dutifully fixes The Queen Vic’s window after Bailey broke it with the football. Mick realises that he was way over-the-top about the accident and he wants to make things up to Bailey. Finding Mitch, the pair track Bailey down to football practice.

When they realise that coach Caden is struggling to cope, they step in to help out. Meanwhile, Keegan’s suspicious when he sees the new bathroom suite that Mitch has installed at the Taylors as it looks a lot like his auntie Kandice’s!

** First of two Friday episodes **

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