EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher puts little Lily Fowler in danger!

Tiffany takes Lily along on a dodgy job for Evie, Linda struggles to keep her plan from collapsing, and Hayley finds a name for her baby.

Tiffany is alarmed after agreeing to pick Lily up from school when Evie changes the time of a job she’s agreed to do for her. Not wanting to let Evie down, Tiffany takes Lily with her. Tiffany is forced to leave Lily on her own for a short while.

While she’s away, the drug dealer arrives to find only Lily… When Evie calls to ask where the drugs are Lily confesses to Tiff that she hid them. Warning Lily not to tell anyone about what happened, a miserable Tiffany wonders what she’s become.

Stuart tells Linda that perhaps she should find a new Santa after what happened between them the previous night. Insisting he doesn’t want to disrespect Mick, Stuart says nothing can happen between them. Linda hides her panic, worried that her plan to extract a confession is coming apart at the seams. After pleading with Stuart not to leave her in the lurch with the Grotto, she seems to have talked him round. Stuart’s star turn as Santa doesn’t go down well with Jack, however, when he makes extravagant gift promises to the kids. Linda steps in to support Stuart and he is touched. After closing time, Linda invites Stuart for a night cap and brings up their kiss…

EastEnders Hayley Slater and baby Slater

Hayley makes an announcement about her baby’s name.

Hayley talks about baby names with Alfie and finally comes to a decision. Meanwhile, Alfie bonds with Kat and they try to sneak upstairs to put the spark back into their marriage. But things don’t go to plan and they’re interrupted by a delivery. After a day of missed opportunities, Alfie finally finds Kat in her bedroom and they share a passionate kiss…

EastEnders Kim Fox-Hubbard and Morag

Morag shames Kim in front of the choir.

Also, Kim plots to steal the solo spot in the choir from Jean.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday