EastEnders spoilers: Tina carter is arrested for attacking Stuart Highway!

Tina Carter is in big trouble after attacking Stuart Highway in the Arches, Mick tries to help out Tina, and Hayley offers a helping hand to Kat.

Tina is stunned after what happened with Stuart in the Arches and she runs to Mick and Linda for help. They are horrified and head to the Arches to see what kind of condition Tina has left him in. Shirley is back in the Square and walks into the situation. Before the Carters can tell her what’s happened she announces the police are outside. The police come into the Vic and arrest Tina for attacking Stuart…

Mick later calls round all his old mates in a bid to see if Stuart let slip to anyone about what he did all those years ago. He’s hopeful that if someone remembers then he can tell the police and help Tina out.

Kat is forced to clean Ian’s restaurant on her own to pay back taking the kitty money. It’s a huge task that is set to take all night. After pouring herself a drink to get through she ends up falling asleep! Hayley checks in on Kat and Kat is startled awake. Kat confesses that she’s trying to get lots of work in a bid to be a good role model for her kids. But Kat loses hope over the task ahead of her and walks out. Hayley runs after Kat and persuades her not to give up, offering to help her out.

Also, Stacey’s not interested in Jean’s idea to have a christening but Jean tells Martin she just wants to do one nice thing for the family.