EastEnders spoilers: Tina Carter is horrified by Linda’s big betrayal!

Tina Carter furiously confronts Linda over her betrayal, Bev takes charge of Hayley and the baby, and Ray panics that Mel has uncovered his lies.

After making the shock discovery that Linda had arranged to meet up with Stuart, Tina Carter is absolutely horrified.

In a rage, she interrupts Linda and Stuart’s meeting and she lashes out at Stuart while Linda looks on. Back at The Queen Vic, accusations fly as Tina, Halfway and Whitney confront Linda about what she’s been up to. Her betrayal of Mick is bad enough but are things about to get worse for the Carter family?

Bev and Hayley talk about the baby

Bev and Hayley Slater talk about the baby

Kat pleads with Hayley not to go home with a manipulative Bev, but Hayley meekly follows her. She is increasingly unsure that she’ll be able to look after her child. Bev plays the caring mum and tells Hayley that the new baby is a chance for Hayley to fix the mistakes of the past. But has she got an ulterior motive for Hayley and the baby?

Ray and Mel talk

Mel Owen questions Ray about his lies

Ray realises that Mel has worked out that he was lying about not having enough free cash to spare. Panicking, he attempts to cover his tracks. But it looks like Mel might be onto him. Will she believe what he has to say?

Also, Hunter and Louise are having a party but it quickly goes pear-shaped.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday