EastEnders spoilers: Tina Carter leaves Stuart Highway for dead!

Tina Carter attacks Stuart, the Slaters worry about their missing money and Kat has a confession to make to her unimpressed family!

Stuart turns up in Albert Square and when he sees Kathy and Keanu he suggests that Tina Carter damaged his car. Tina is out and about running errands for Mick and she’s rattled when she comes face-to-face with Stuart in the launderette.

Putting on the innocent act, Stuart begs her to tell everyone that she made a mistake but when she refuses, he confronts her about keying his car. Is he lying? Later, Stuart goads her about what happened. The argument escalates and a furious Tina blames Stuart for ruining her life. As Stuart winds up Tina more and more she lashes out and leaves his lifeless body on the floor of the Arches!

The Slaters are horrified when they find out that their house kitty has gone missing. They start flinging accusations at each other as they search for the missing cash. When Jean spots Stacey’s old christening gown, to try and restore some peace to the household she suggests that they should have a big Slater celebration and have the children christened.

Keanu helps Kat with her scooter

Kat heads to the Arches to check on the scooter. When it doesn’t start she asks Keanu if he wants to buy it. Fed up, Kat returns home and gives the scooter keys to the Slaters, revealing that’s what happened to their missing money!

Also, Kush is struggling to cope as he continues to grieve for Shakil.