EastEnders Spoilers: Tragedy for Shakil Kazemi and Keegan Baker?

Shakil and Keegan are seriously injured after the stabbing but will they be found in time? Meanwhile, Hayley gets robbed and Masood gets a cash injection.

An injured Shakil tries to get help but he gets caught up in the drunken party revellers. Mick thinks Shakil has been drinking, telling him to get out. Soon, Shakil’s condition deteriorates and he collapses out of sight. After closing up, Mick heads up to bed, but Linda tells him to do a last check downstairs…

Mick is horrified when he discovers a hurt and bleeding Keegan. He quickly calls for an ambulance, but in the panic, a weak Keegan’s attempt to tell Mick that Shakil has been stabbed, too, goes unheard. When Keegan takes a turn for the worse, Mick decides he needs to drive Keegan to hospital… He tells the ambulance to look out for him en route. Will Keegan and Shakil survive? Meanwhile, Keanu and Bernadette worry about a missing Keegan, knowing the gang were after him, but Karen shuts down their concerns. Little does she know…

Hayley is on the night tube and takes the opportunity to con a stranger out of money. Settling down for the night, Hayley meets another homeless girl Brianna, and shares the cash with her. The girls have a heart-to-heart about life on the streets before falling asleep. When Hayley wakes up she’s horrified to find the man she conned has caught up with her – and Brianna has run off with the cash!

Also, Masood is touched when Arsham and Mariam give him money for his business venture.