EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean makes a shock discovery about Callum

Whitney Dean is left shocked by Callum Highway, Martin Fowler make a play to beat Ben Mitchell, and Jay Mitchell struggles with memories of his past.

Whitney Dean is oblivious that new man Leo is trying to keep her interfering ex Callum Highway out of the picture in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see TV Guide for full listings). He’s determined to dig some dirt on him and makes a surprising discovery.

As he asks Callum about his time in the army, Whitney arrives in The Vic with Lola Pearce in tow.  Leo insists on helping Whitney discover who was responsible for vandalising her stall. Later, Whitney spots a file on Leo’s laptop that has Callum’s name on it. She can’t resist taking a peek and is stunned by what she finds… What has Leo been up to?

EastEnders Martin makes it up to Bex

Martin promises to make things up to Bex

Martin Fowler makes a promise to spend time with his daughter Bex Fowler. But when a menacing Ben Mitchell demands that Martin do another job for him, Martin has to let his daughter down. Later on, Ben’s dodgy associate Tubbs is arrested, with police officer Jack Branning watching on. Now that Tubbs is in custody, Martin needs someone else to do the job with him and he talks Ben into going with him. Is Martin plotting something?

Billy and Jay have a heart to heart

Jay opens up to Billy about his dad

Jay Mitchell has an emotional heart-to-heart with his one-time foster dad Billy Mitchell, who was there when Jay’s dad Jase Dyer was fatally attacked by thugs. Jay shares his heartache over being confronted with the tragedy all over again after being asked to arrange the funeral of the man who was responsible for his dad’s death.

Also, Honey Mitchell brushes off Billy Mitchell’s concerns that she’s not looking well. Adam Bateman is conflicted when his ex-lover Habiba Ahmed tells him that her granddad Arshad Ahmed knows about their affair. Stuart Highway struggles working for Kathy Beale in the café.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at the later time of 8.30 pm.