EastEnders spoilers: Will Callum Highway be jilted on his wedding day?

Whitney Dean has a big decision to make about her future, Mel Owen is stopped in her tracks by Lisa Fowler, and Keanu Taylor confronts Ben Mitchell.

Whitney in EastEnders is still reeling from fiancé Callum Highway’s bombshell that he had a fling with Ben Mitchell. It’s the day of the wedding and Callum Highway pleads with Whitney to believe him that he still wants to marry her. But Whitney struggles to accept that he really wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, across the Square Sonia Fowler is in a panic. She’d arranged for Whitney’s stepmum Bianca Jackson to make a surprise appearance at the wedding but Bianca is now nowhere to be found.

Whitney finds out from sister Tiffany Butcher that their mum has gone AWOL. Refusing to get married without Bianca there Whitney sets off to track her down.

With the latest drama, a stressed out Callum fears that the wedding will never go ahead. At the last moment, Whitney is reunited with Bianca and they make it to the venue just in time. But when Whitney sees Ben at the venue she is filled with fury…

EastEnders Lisa surprises Mel

Mel is surprised to see Lisa

Mel Owen is all set to flee the Square with her son Hunter Owen hiding in the boot of the car. But before she can drive away her old mate – and the missing Louise Mitchell’s mum – Lisa Fowler stops her in her tracks.

Lisa reveals that Louise is with her, along with her baby daddy Keanu Taylor, who is on the run. She pleads with Mel to help her out, as she needs to get Louise and Keanu out of the country. When Mel returns to the car, however, she finds Hunter gone, along with her gun…

Louise and Keanu are trying to stay hidden while Lisa sorts out an escape plan. Louise is terrified and insists that they stay put but Keanu sneaks out of the house to confront Ben, who fitted him up for the attack on Ben and Louise’s dad, Phil Mitchell. When Phil hears that Lisa is back in the Square, he’s suspicious and he takes Ben aside, telling him to find out what Lisa is up to, as they hope she may lead them to Louise…

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