Whitney Carter is confused about her feelings for Halfway

When Halfway reveals that he's going to leave the Vic having outstayed his welcome, Whitney is surprised when she doesn't want him to go.

Halfway decides it’s time to leave the Vic as he’s aware he’s outstayed his welcome. Getting ready to leave, he’s caught by Whitney messing with money in the till! Whitney is horrified, assuming he’s stealing from the Carters. But has she got it wrong? With Halfway about to leave, Whitney is confused about her feelings, asking Halfway to stay for a drink.

Max is determined to find out from Lauren when Abi’s funeral is happening. Lauren refuses to tell him, saying that Tanya won’t go to the funeral if he turns up. Drunk and angry, Max keeps pushing Lauren and she finally snaps. Lauren warns him that he’ll lose her too if he continues to carry on in that way. Later, Jay finds a miserable Max out in the cold. Will he reach out to him?

Vincent leaves Karen babysitting Pearl and heads out to find Kim to talk things through with her. Kim reveals that she’s come up with a plan to help them out of their money troubles. When Vincent agrees to stop getting involved with dodgy people, Kim reveals her grand scheme. But will it give Vincent hope?

Also, Robbie and Donna fight after spending the night together.