Eaves shoots Hugo

Eaves is obsessed with getting to the farm. He’s on the loose and it’s putting everyone’s lives in danger. Angelo finds Eaves and they drive to the farm. They spot Charlie’s car in the driveway, and Eaves immediately realises that Angelo has been lying, to keep him at the station and away from the farm. Eaves is now furious and hell-bent on finding Hugo. There is a scuffle at the farm and Eaves shoots Hugo.

Tony, Rachel, Gina and Xavier are having dinner together. Tony and Rachel ask how they both are, and Gina and Xavier put on a brave face. Rachel takes it one step further, wondering if Hugo will come anywhere near the Bay. Rachel believes that while Hugo’s around, everyone associated with him is at risk. Rachel goes so far as to say that Hugo should leave town before he does any more damage.

Leah worries about Lijuan and Song – not just their snoring but their incessant fighting. She takes her concerns to Elijah – will they too end up like that? Elijah is confident they won’t – his parents are one of a kind. Song later puts Leah’s mind at rest, assuring her that his marriage of 35 years is still very solid.

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