Eddie discovers the twisted truth about Michael

Vanessa confesses to Eddie that Michael paid her money to break up him and Carol. Eddie is shocked when Vanessa also reveals that Michael deliberately arranged for Tyler to fight a dangerous opponent on the anniversary of his mums’ death. Eddie realises the extent of Michael’s twisted plotting, but he keeps his silence, for now. Eddie tells Vanessa he wants her to help him with his plan to destroy Michael…

Mandy has forced Ian to take her along to the Walford Community Charitable Trust event with him. Ian’s afraid that she’ll embarrass him in front of Gordon Baggs, who he needs to impress to get a place on the committee. Gordon recognises Mandy from a strip club and propositions her. Mandy shoves a cake in his face and a food fight kicks off. Gordon tells Ian he’ll never sit on the committee, but Ian’s enjoyed himself and doesn’t care!

Abi and Lola have asked Christian to teach them self-defence. Ben and Jay go along to watch their session. Lola jokily challenges Ben to a fight and when she pins him to the ground she calls him a fairy. Everyone is stunned when Ben smacks her in the face and runs off. Christian is worried.