Eddie Lawson joins Waterloo Road

As the new terms begins at Waterloo Road, everyone is still reeling from the shocking murder of Izzie Redpath. Headteacher Jack Rimmer and new deputy head Eddie Lawson are keen to promote their policy on inclusion: all kids are welcome at Waterloo Road.

Although Jack won a bravery award for defending Izzie during her attack, Jack blames himself for her death and is struggling. Izzie’s partner Tom blames Jack too and now has his hands full looking after her two teenage daughters, Mika and Chlo. And things get a lot worse when Chlo and Donte take off to get hitched!

Meanwhile, Steph Haydock is enjoying her new position as head of pastoral care. But there’s trouble in the classroom when, Karla Bentham, a pupil with Asperger’s syndrome causes chaos.

Also, newly qualified teacher Jasmine Koreshi struggles on her first day while dishy new drama teach Matt Wilding proves an instant hit with the ladies.

VIDEO: Watch a preview of Waterloo Road