Eddie misses some vital evidence

Crime Scene Examiner Eddie Olosunje makes a massive error at what he thinks is the scene of an aggravated burglary. DS Stuart Turner and DC Mickey Webb, who have found Tommy Mackenzie with his father, Albie, who has a serious head wound, call him to the address.

Eddie insists that the father and son are the victims of a violent burglary and sets about gathering evidence to back up his claim – but he’s very wrong. Tommy has described a man he saw running from the scene and the police soon realise the description fits Mike Vincent, a friend of Tommy’s mum, Barbara, who is separated from her husband.

Then DC Kezia Walker finds out that Tommy bought a large quantity of bleach that very morning – and used it to clean up an area of the house. Stuart is furious that Eddie has missed this fact. What else has he got wrong?

Meanwhile, Albie has regained consciousness in hospital and is able to tell the police what really happened. It involves a nasty blackmail scheme and a terrified young Tommy. The police need the weapon that was used to assault Albie before they can make an arrest. Can Eddie redeem himself and save the day?