Eddie plots to destroy Michael!

Eddie plays along as Michael makes an effort to be part of the family. Eddie gives Vanessa the gym safe keys and encourages her to empty the safe so they can run away to Spain. Vanessa goes to the gym, but panics when she realises the CCTV is on. Vanessa confides in Jodie, who urges her to return the money, but Vanessa has second thoughts when she spots a police car.

Tyler and Anthony don’t want to go to Spain with Eddie and Craig. Eddie tells them the true extent of Michael’s plotting. The Moons find Michael in the gym staring at the empty safe. A desperate Michael knows the game is up and begs for forgiveness, but the family turn their backs on him. Eddie takes the stolen money from Vanessa, tells her she won’t be going with him, then picks up Craig and leaves Walford.

Christian finds Ben with a can of spray paint. Ben reveals he sprayed the graffiti to get Phil to leave Patrick alone. Christian suggests Ben be honest with Phil. Ben confesses to Phil he was threatening Patrick to stop him telling anyone about seeing him kissing ‘someone’. Phil realises that Ben means another boy and without saying a word storms out, pushing Ben over.