Eddie borrows some furniture from the Vic to make the shop look full. Tyler and Anthony are over-enthusiastic and remove all of Kat and Alfie’s living room and bedroom furniture! Eddie reassures Jean they’ll return the furniture before Kat and Alfie return. Meanwhile, Lola confesses to Liam that she burnt Eddie’s stock. Eddie still thinks Michael is the arsonist and to stir, he hints to Jack that Michael was sleeping with Ronnie. Jack takes the bait and beats up Michael.

Tanya is avoiding Greg. She and Max meet up and Tanya confesses her feelings of guilt over Greg and her worries that Vanessa knows about their affair. Michael tells Greg that Rainie slept in the Square last night. Greg calls Tanya. Rainie apologises to Tanya for messing up again and says she’ll go back to stay with Cora. Greg wants a romantic night in with Tanya. To avoid Greg, she asks Rainie to stay.

Afia rows with Tamwar about Masood. Yusef tells her to forgive him as he has. Yusef is unnerved when Masood drops by and chats amiably with Zainab. Yusef takes Zainab for coffee and says he wants them to be friends. Yusef pilfers Zainab’s bottle of pills from her bag. Yusef restocks Zainab with pills, but what is he really giving her?