Eddie and Tyler move their Antique Emporium stock into Albert Square and leave Liam looking after it. Meanwhile, Eddie’s other son Anthony pretends to be from the council and tricks Mad Dog into clearing out of the lock up so they can claim it. Lola overhears when Tyler and Anthony poke fun at Billy after he asks Eddie for some work. Lola distracts Liam from the Moon and Sons stock and the lot goes up in flames. A devastated Eddie accuses Michael of arson.

Rainie buys drugs from Ryan. Roxy sees and fires him from the club, but Phil reinstates him. Meanwhile, Tanya has arranged to meet up with Max, but when she discovers Rainie is back on drugs she blows out Max to deal with her. Max has no choice, but to head home to an anxious Vanessa.

Tamwar asks Masood to help out at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Afia is asking Zainab to help out in the kitchen. Afia is annoyed when Masood turns up for work at the restaurant. Masood is surprised when Zainab defends him against a rude Afia. Masood tells Zainab to keep his wages and they share their first warm moment in months.

Also, Jay tells Abi that he wants her, not Lola.