Eddie is angry that Rachel hasn’t called the council about Stuart Hordley. After warning Hordley off both the contract and Rachel, Eddie urges Rachel to lure him to the school. When Eddie shows Hordley the evidence on the illegal child labour, he’s certain they’ve seen the last of him, but Rachel’s not so sure…

On the football pitch, Sameen throws a strop but refuses to explain herself. Immigration officials arrive and it transpires that Sameen’s family is to be deported. Rachel lies so the officials leave, and tells a petrified Sameen they’ll fight for her. When the immigration officers return, Sameen’s got tough decisions to make.

Also, Tom’s taken aback when he learns that Davina knew about Chlo’s hairdressing venture but didn’t tell him. Later, Tom and Davina realise they can’t resolve their differences and decide to end their relationship.