Still annoyed that Luc’s gone AWOL leaving her in the lurch, Nurse Eddi McKee gets another dose of man trouble this week in the shape of elderly patient Vincent Mancini.

When war veteran, Vincent (played by Oliver star Ron Moody), is offended by Chrissie’s suggestion that his venous leg ulcer has been caused by his inability to look after himself, he asks Eddi to take over his care.

Eddi rejects Chrissie’s concerns that Vincent’s not as self-sufficient as he’s letting on and needs home help. But when Eddi finds the house key she gave to Luc and offloads her troubles onto Vincent, he suddenly refuses to be treated by Eddi and demands to see a doctor.

As Eddi uncovers the true extent of Vincent’s fears, can she ensure he gets the care he needs?

Meanwhile, Tara and Ollie work together to help a patient’s son come to terms with the fact his mum is dying. But can they admit how they feel about each other?

Also, Ric is concerned that Serena does not have patient Grace’s best interests at heart. He betrays Serena to the patient’s relative, and Hanssen. Is Ric right to do so?