Edith becomes privy to a titanic secret

A badly burned Canadian officer arrives at Downton to convalesce and confesses to Edith that he is really Patrick Crawley, the former heir who was supposed to have drowned on the Titanic. He claims to have been suffering from amnesia, but some of the family believe he must be an imposter and he flees Downton.

Bates learns that Vera has stopped the divorce. As he goes to visit her to talk things over, Robert advises him to hold his temper, but when he returns home, news arrives that Vera is dead!

Mary tells Matthew that she doesn’t have to marry Carlisle, but Matthew refuses to listen, while Cora arranges for Lavinia to return and Carlisle threatens to ruin Mary if she jilts him.

Carson is torn when he is offered the chance to become butler to Carlisle and Mary. Meanwhile, he finds out that Mrs Hughes has been helping Ethel with her baby, Charlie, and Cora suggests that Robert contact Major Bryant. But Ethel is devastated to learn he has been killed.

As Robert announces that the ceasefire is imminent, Isobel plans to make Downton a recovery centre after the war, but Violet engineers to interest her in another worthy cause, while Mrs Patmore suggests that Thomas goes into the black market.