Edna finds out that the reason Eve’s marriage is in trouble is because Eve was a bit too hospitable towards her husband’s best friend. Edna’s not impressed by infidelity and tells Eve she’d better behave while she’s living under her roof. That’s not going to happen, Edna.

As head of the Dingle clan, it falls on Zak’s shoulders to take care of the family, especially Sam, who’s not very capable of taking care of himself. So Zak warns off Olena. He knows Sam is trying to get her a fake passport and wants to marry her. He also knows Olena won’t go along with Sam’s plan. Determined to save Sam heartache, Zak tells Olena to leave Emmerdale. And if she won’t go voluntarily, he’ll call immigration to take her away.

Charity is as determined as her Uncle Zak to get what she wants… and what she wants to is to go into the motor trade – nicking cars with Cain. To show Cain she means business, Charity pockets the keys to Nikhil’s car. She certainly knows how to impress her man! Excited by their prospects, Charity and Cain plan their first ‘transaction’.

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